4 Suggestions For Giving Great Gifts by Heidi Carey

Good gift giving is simple, but what makes a really great gift? I had a wise friend give me some simple tips on how to turn a good gift into a great one every time. Here they are… 

  • A BEAUTIFUL BOX (OR WRAPPING PAPER) RIBBON AND A NOTE ARE A MUST When you have a gift in a beautiful box with bows and tissue paper inside, opening it becomes a memorable experience. The joy begins as soon as she sees the beautiful box!
  • GIVE SOMETHING SHE´S NOT EXPECTING. A surprise makes a gift great no matter what you’re giving. Experiencing the surprise is a wonderful gift in itself, heightening the joy.
  • INCLUDE THE RECEIPT Just in case the gift is not exactly right and needs to be exchanged. The ultimate goal is to give a gift that will be loved and used often reminding her always of you.
  • IF SHE TELLS YOU WHAT SHE WANTS, GET HER THAT!, (THIS ONE IS FOR OUR HUSBANDS) This tip requires you to pay attention and listen! My husbands does not have mastery of these two skills, so I make a list for him…with web links! I’m serious! All my things arrive in a gorgeous grey box wrapped in beautiful holiday ribbon. Most people don’t know my brand yet, so it’s sure to be a wonderful surprise!. A receipt is always included and everything is exchangeable. You’re guaranteed to be a gift giving star!
Hope love this blog post, and my gift suggestions! make sure tag me on Instagram when you celebrate! Hope you have fun with your gifts

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