A Tulip Story

My new tulip print is the culmination of creativity and inspiration across many generations. I am grateful for the opportunity to bring this work of art to life for you.

Inspiration for the print is a painting that hangs in my mothers bathroom! How’s that for inspiring places….Here is a photo of the painting
My great aunt Electra Bostwick was the artist. She gave the painting to my mother as a wedding gift. Electra was a great friend of Madame Porthault who founded the fabric house D Porthault I admire greatly. It seems back in the 20’s and 30’s she spent the month of May in Paris painting.

Going to France for a month to express your creativity was rather a normal thing to do, Electra obviously had talent. Madame Porthault had the business sense to turn creativity into an enduring business. I am attempting to do a bit of both!

I was visiting my parents in New York a few years ago when I noticed the painting like I had never before. Yes I was in the tub taking a warm bath so my mind was relaxed and at ease!

But I was also now in business and the painting jumped out of its frame and into my mind as a new print! I could absolutely see the print on a robe and pajamas, boudoir pillows and table linens!! Now all I had to do was make the print mine, and so the process began.
Most of you know I work with an artist in Europe to develop my prints. My drawing skills are not developed enough to do it on my own so we collaborate. We started with the bouquet and then moved to the individual flowers. I wanted to be true to the original, yet make the print really mine.

This takes quite a bit of time, usually a year or so of back and forth playing with colors and composition. Do we need a vase? Should the colors be pastel? How tight or loose should the repeat be for printing? All these questions need time and consideration. It’s a hard and rewarding process. I love it and feel very grateful I get to do it.

The final print : Hope you love it.

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