Cotton Pajamas For Women: The Ideal Set For Sleeping And Relaxing

Finding the perfect pair of pajamas can be difficult. They can be great for loungewear or for sleepwear. But this can change what you’re looking for in your perfect pajamas… So, how do we draw the distinctions?

Are you thinking about sleep? Then it’s likely that the weight and fit of your pajama set will get priority. Whereas if you are thinking about lounging around the house, then style may take precedence.
I do my best to design with a range of factors in mind, so here’s my take on choosing the perfect cotton pajamas for women.

The importance of 100% cotton pajamas for women

People love our pajamas because they are so lightweight and cozy. And a lot of that comfort is because of the cotton used to make those pajamas.

Our pajama shorts sets are made of Pima cotton, made in Peru. It’s known for its very long silky fibers, which makes a softer cotton that is resistant to fraying and tearing, as well as pilling, wrinkling and fading. Cotton has a great many benefits as a fabric for pajamas. It’s comfortable and soft, low maintenance in terms of caring and washing, and hypoallergenic, so it’s kinder and more natural on your skin. Cotton is made of natural fibers and is a non-animal, vegan friendly product.

As a breathable fabric, cotton can draw the heat and moisture away from your body and dispel it. This reduces hot sticky nights, instead being cool and soothing. All these factors and benefits of cotton mean that the quality of your sleep improves when sleeping on or in cotton, so cotton pajamas can help you get a really good night’s sleep.

This is part of the reason why high-quality cotton sheets are seen as more luxurious. With all these things combined, we believe that natural cotton is healthier than synthetic fabrics against your skin. I use brushed cotton flannel for the mid weight pajamas, which is very soft and holds heat a little more while still being breathable. It is also fuzzier, warmer and heavier than normal cotton, so well suited to heavier, warmer pajama sets.

Warmth and weight are important

I designed my pajama line knowing we all sleep differently, so whether you like to be cooler or toasty warm, I’ve made sure that the different weights of my pajamas give you those options. The lightweight cotton pajama sets are ideal for those who run a little bit hotter, or don’t like to overheat at night. The majority of our pajamas are in this range, with a range of colors and patterns.

If you’re looking for something a bit more midweight, then there are the cotton flannel options; slightly thicker, and a bit warmer than the lightweight pajamas. For those who want to be even cooler, there are several shorts sets, made of the Pima cotton, which is not as lightweight (by volume), but the reduced amount of fabric balances this out.

I designed my pajamas with different weights of cotton for different sleepers in mind: it might simply be the difference between summer and winter pajamas for some people, or just that you prefer a certain weight or thickness to your pajamas.

Find the style and fit for you

All of my pajamas are designed with a classic straight fit, for elegance even at home on the couch. They are cozy and lightweight, so you can wear them as either loungewear or simply as nightwear. The combination of both drawstring and elastic on the pajama pants provide a comfortable fit, that you can easily adjust to just how you like it best.

The shorts sets have short sleeves and the shorts all come with comfy elastic waist bands, and all the short sets are made with the lightweight cotton I talked about earlier for those hot nights and hot sleepers. A lot of pajama sets are missing something important. Pockets!

On the pajama tops of my pajamas, I’ve added pockets to help make things a little more convenient. Whether you want to carry your phone, or just a handkerchief, this pocket is a little extra bit of design to make your pajamas more than just stylish and cozy, but practical as well. But of course, style is one of the most important things in all of my designs. So, to add that extra touch of elegance, I’ve added scalloping on every set of pajamas I design, whether that’s on the bottoms of sleeves and pants, or edging along the buttons, or on the top of the pockets.

I’ve designed a range of different patterns and prints, from florals to plaids to fun prints. And since that style and elegance looks even better when paired with something that matches it perfectly, I’ve made sure that a lot of my pajama sets have matching robes available. This includes red filigree, holiday print and blue flannel, just as a few examples. So, if you want to match your pajamas with a warm robe, take a look at some of my designs here:

Time to choose your ideal cotton pajama set

Whether you’re thinking of pajamas just for sleeping, or you want to be able to lounge around the house in them, making sure you’ve chosen the right set of cotton pajamas is important. You need to consider the fabric weight and warmth, as well as the style and pattern to fit you.

Hopefully by sharing some of my thought process on designing my cotton pajamas range, you’ll be able to choose the best set for you. Sweet dreams, and I hope you sleep well!

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