Heidi’s Travel Guide : Tips From Heidi + Accesories

One of my lifelong obsessions - travel - wouldn't be the same without the designs that transform every journey into an elegant experience

Airplanes + Hotels

Travel Tip: I love bringing a boudoir pillow with me, especially when I travel internationally. Not only does it lend extra comfort to long flights – keeping one on my hotel bed gives my mood a boost and helps me feel anchored at home

Long Weekends Away

Travel Tip: Slip into effortless elegance the moment you wake up. All my robes are deliciously comfortable, designed to flatter, and easy to pack. You won’t even think of wearing hotel robes when these are around!

Busy Day Trips

Travel Tip: I use this gem as a tote, backpack, or cross-body bag! Woven to perfection, I designed my Leather Freehand Bags to be lightweight for traveling, and strong enough to hold everything I need in a day

Family Vacations

Travel Tip: Perfect for keeping cool on warm summer nights – whether you’re vacationing lakeside, or camping under the stars. Each pair I design is crafted from soft, breathable cotton and my signature scalloped edges

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   About me  

I founded Heidi Carey in 2016 with a simple goal: To create beautiful, timeless accessories for my friends and their friends. I understood who they were at their core, and what types of things we all were looking for as we all moved along in our lives. It’s why my pieces are conceived for the woman who values both elegance and understatement; versatility and superb value.