How I wear My Lariat Necklaces

I love lariat style necklaces for the many ways they can be worn.

Five of my favorites ways to wear a lariat with a video to help you see what I am doing.

Scarf : Probably the easiest of all. Fold the chain in half, so that both strands are running parallel to one another. Hold one end of the doubled necklace in each hand, then wrap the folded necklace around your neck. Pull the ends of the lariat to be in front. In the other hand, the doubled chain has created a loop. Pass the ends of the lariat through the loop. Feed them all the way through and allow the ends to hang down. Just like we do with a scarf!
Choker : This can be a very dramatic look. Take one end of the lariat in your hand and place it right below your collarbone. Then wrap the rest of the lariat around your neck once (or twice, if your lariat is a lengthy one). Loop one of the strands over in the front. This will secure the lariat in place.
Simple knot : If you want to do something a little different with your lariat, try a front knot. The result can look very classic. Put the lariat around your neck, so that both ends drape over your shoulders and onto your chest. Grab both ends of the chain in one hand. Create a loop with both strands, then pull the ends of the lariat through the loop. This will tie a knot in the front. Again, when starting you can begin with ends even or uneven both look fabulous.
Simple wrap Grab an end in each hand, then place the center part at the back of your neck. Cross one piece over to the opposite side and wrap it around the back of your neck. Pull the end over your shoulder and allow it to hang there. Do the same thing with the other piece. You can leave it like this, or you can loop one strand over the other to secure it.
Basic loop: This is the easiest way to style a lariat. Drape the necklace around your neck, with the center part at the back of your neck. One end will hang over each shoulder. The ends can be even or uneven depending on what look you prefer, I like uneven. Grab an end in each hand and cross the chain in front of you. Loop one end under and then through, exactly the same way you would begin to tie your shoelaces. Let the two ends hang down.You can adjust the loop higher or lower, depending on what kind of effect you want to achieve.

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