How to Choose the Best Women’s Nightshirt…

What I considered when designing my nightshirt line…

A classic nightshirt has long been a beloved staple of any well-dressed Woman, and with good reason. Not only can they make you feel beautiful and elegant, but they are a great way to help control your temperature and promote a restful night’s sleep.

So, how do you find the best nightshirt for you?

When searching for the right women’s nightshirt, there are a few factors you should consider so that you’re completely confident and pleased with your purchase. This blog will discuss my personal approach to designing my line of nightshirts. I’ll offer my opinions as a designer, and top tips you can follow when choosing a nightshirt for yourself.

I believe each piece of clothing – whether you wear it out to dinner or tucked up in bed – should make you feel amazing. That means picking the right materials (soft, comfy, quality for nightwear) and a style that gives off your best ‘style energy’.

1. How to choose the right material for you…

Firstly, the material is a really important factor to look at when choosing the perfect nightshirt. From a comfort and enjoyment point of view, this is arguably the most important element. Choosing a material and weight that suits your body temperature and matches how you sleep is essential.

After all, that’s what a nightshirt is primarily for, we assume you’ll mostly be sleeping in your nightshirt, not having slumber parties or movie marathons. If you run hot, then wearing a soft and breathable material helps aid the body in falling and staying asleep. Alternatively, if you run cold, then wearing something cozy and warm will help improve sleep.

It doesn’t matter how beautiful the design is, if your temperature feels uncomfortable in a night shirt, you won’t have a good night’s sleep.
How I designed Heidi Carey nightshirts to suit your sleep:  
Many women run hot or cold (or both depending on the time of their life), so it’s important to offer multiple options to match your personal preference. I’ve designed a couple of different nightshirt weights at Heidi Carey to cater to both ends of this spectrum and promote comfortable sleep.

You’ve got the option of 100% soft light-weight cotton if you need a cooler nightshirt. Or, our flannel nightshirts use 100% mid-weight Organic cotton, which is a slightly thicker material.

2. How to choose a comfortable fit...

In the same way that nightwear should be soft materials-wise, it’s equally important to have a comfortable fit.
Having a comfy fit ensures that you’ll want to wear the nightshirt over and over again, making it a mindful purchase that will last you years to come.
How I designed Heidi Carey nightshirts to be comfortable: I have designed Heidi Carey nightshirts are designed for style and comfort.

They have a slight A-line fit and are slightly longer in the back than the front (by 2 inches) than they are in the front, to help with a natural fit. Plus, they have ¾ length sleeves, and side slit pockets (who doesn’t love pockets). Here is what one of our customers had to say:
“The fit is ideal for sleeping, roomy enough to move freely but not so big that you look lost in it.”

3. How to choose a timeless design...

Comfort and style should not be mutually exclusive, and your nightshirt should make you feel great, both on the outside and inside. For a lot of women, the design of the nightshirt is a huge deciding factor in whether they choose to purchase or not.

When shopping for nightshirts, you should really take a moment to consider the design and for how long you’ll want to keep re-wearing it.

Is it a timeless design, or will you get sick of it?

We encourage you to find your style and pick a nightshirt that aligns with that, rather than being swayed by the fashions.
How I ensure all Heidi Carey designs are timeless:
Our nightshirts are carefully designed and envisioned with elegance at the heart of them. Our shirts use custom prints that are designed and hand-printed in California and feature our unique scalloped edging that makes our designs instantly recognizable. These features create our timeless, calling card designs.

There are seasonal and fresh designs added, but they always have to pass Heidi’s timeless test and will remain wearable for the next 5, 10 or 30 years+.

Loving the design that you wear will make you take good care of your nightdress, and it will remain a loyal piece in your wardrobe. Why not go to bed feeling like a princess in a piece that you love.

4. Sustainably made...

Making sustainable choices while shopping is increasingly pertinent in this day and age, for moral and environmental reasons.

If you have the means to purchase from businesses that follow an ethical practice, then you should make a conscious effort to do so. It’s an act of care for yourself and the planet, in comparison to buying from an exploitative fast-fashion alternative.

Not to mention, the difference in quality will save you from making repeat repurchases.
How Heidi Carey nightshirts are sustainable:
We love to work closely with our customers so that we can build close relationships. It’s a nod to the traditional system in which Women bought their clothing directly from designers before fashion became a mass retail industry.

Our products are handmade luxuries, made from hand-selected fabrics sourced from fine artisans around the globe, at fair prices.

Heidi has personally visited every workshop to ensure a healthy working environment, exceptional quality and to know the exact process by which these items of clothing have been made.

Ready to buy your perfect nightshirt?

A beautiful, comfortable, and sustainable nightshirt is an essential part of your bedtime routine. Not only does it make you feel beautiful, but it will help create a restful environment for sleep.

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