How To Wear Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry has the ability to take any outfit and make it chic and stylish, elevating your outfit to the next level. It has never and will never go out of style, and for good reason!

It also allows you to put your own personality into whatever you wear. Not only that, statement jewelry being timeless makes it a more than worthwhile investment. This is exactly why it has the ability to proceed time and find its home in all and any fashion era.

Statement jewelry can however, be a little daunting to some. – Too little can make your outfit look like it’s missing something, yet too much can make your outfit look badly put together and confusing.

The items you choose differ with each different kind of neckline, color palette, pattern and body. With so much to think about, it is understandable that some people shy away from using statement jewelry. But, with my years of expertise as a fashion and jewelry designer, and my adoration of statement jewelry, I hope this article sheds some light on how to make statement jewelry work for you!

"Statement jewelry allows you to express yourself and your personality through jewelry. It is usually unique, bold and the most eye-catching thing about your outfit"

Heidi Carey

How To Pick Jewelry That Works For You:

In order to get the best out of the jewelry that you choose, you have to pick jewelry that suits you. Luckily, I have three tips that can help you do exactly that:
1. When shopping, naturally, you will stop on what catches your eye first. This is important! Do you consistently find yourself more interested in a certain kind of style? Length? Material? Keep those in mind because that means that those features should be staples in your jewelry collection. You want to feel something when looking at new pieces of jewelry! The bottom line is, whatever you buy, should make you feel beautiful, confident and be a representation of you that you can wear every day.
2. Color is the next thing to keep in mind. Picking items that are in your favorite color works best because you will want to wear it more. You’ll go to pick it up more often, it will be easier to wear and it will make every outfit one that you love.

Do remember to keep in mind your own personal features. The coloring of your hair, skin and eyes can make a massive difference to the way your pieces look. There may be certain colors you wore and loved earlier in your life that just don’t work for you now. And that is okay!

I personally find that softer, more neutral colors work better for me regarding my clothing at my age. Jewelry however, is the exception! I can always find a way to make it exciting.

(To find out more about which colors suit you, have a little look into color theory. On the color wheel, whichever color is opposite the tones/undertones your skin, hair and eyes have, are the shades that will bring out the best in you! There is a great little video about it here to get you on your way.)
3. Finally, the last tip: The length of your jewelry. This is largely about necklaces, but can also extend to earrings, too. It is important to think about the body type that you have when picking the length of your jewelry. For example, if your cleavage is on the larger side, mid length necklaces would be a great choice for you. Choosing to opt for a longer necklace could mean it wouldn’t sit on your chest in the way that you would want. Giving your statement jewelry all of the wrong attention.

Again, regarding length, we have earrings. If you are someone who isn’t the most comfortable with their shoulder/neck area, a long dangling earring would probably be a bad choice. Instead, go for a smaller earring, directing the attention to a place that makes you feel comfortable and even more beautiful.

As with finding your style, picking your jewelry takes a lot of trial and error. But, hopefully with these tips you’re able to find pieces of jewelry that are special to you. Something that gives you an air of confidence every time you put it on. Not only does your style play a massive role in how you feel about yourself every day, it is also how you let people know who you are before you even say a word. It is important to remember that your jewelry is an extension of that! Whether you opt for pearls, some unique shaped earrings, or a chunky bracelet, I hope this article makes you excited to incorporate statement jewelry into your everyday life.

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