My Guide to Gift Giving, Tried-and-true tips for creating the best experiences

Tried-and-true tips for creating the best experiences

You know the feeling: Opening a mysterious package to find something that seems tailor-made to fit your personality. It feels wonderful to receive something so thoughtful, and it feels even better when you’re able to create that experience for someone else.

Here’s how to make gift-giving personal, heartfelt and delightful – for both giver and receiver.

1. Listen well

If someone tells you what they want, ALWAYS get them exactly that. It makes gift-giving simple, but also requires subtle attention to the other’s desires. Hear something in passing you don’t want to forget? Start a secret gift list to reference later.

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2. Give when it’s least expected

These moments are some of the most memorable. This could mean giving a gift when there’s no birthday or holiday in sight – or hiding your present somewhere surprising where she can discover it. Get creative!

3. Include a card

Explain your thoughts and feelings behind the gift to enhance the entire opening experience. Get her smiling (maybe even a bit teary-eyed) before she even opens the box.

4. Tease her a bit!

Eye-candy always heightens the excitement, so make your present a total treat to unwrap. All my pieces arrive in an elegant grey box wrapped in a gorgeous ribbon.

5. Ensure your gift is loved

Include a gift receipt in case it’s not exactly right. For stress-free shopping, I make sure everything in my collection is exchangeable and that all orders include receipts.

Need gifting advice? Let me help make it perfect. Send an email, or call me at (415) 378-6994.

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– Dimitri S.


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