My Husband Wants To Kill Me… Figuratively 😉

When he hears me say "Only buy it if you love it"

It’s time to address the point of contention with my husband (aka my business partner…) The one thing that gets him hot under the collar whenever I say it to customers: “Only buy it if you love it.” That’s right, I really do tell my customers this!

My husband’s face goes white as a sheet. Because of course, it’s a great way to go out of business (so I am told…) It’s a fact that some ladies will turn around and say, “you know what, I like it… but I’m not sure I love it.” And I’m fine with that.

Why? Because I believe everything you wear, whether it’s a ball gown or a pair of pajamas should make you feel truly special. That’s what I design for. And my goal is to help you find the thing you love from my designs.

Why am I so passionate about only buying what you love?

Well, when it comes to any garment, you won’t wear it if you don’t love it. I’m talking about wearing it again and again because it makes you feel fabulous.

People regularly buy things they don’t end up using. It’s unsurprising with the convenience of online shopping, and days out to the stores being a common pastime. Also, when we make a purchase, our brain releases endorphins and dopamine. So, sometimes we buy just to get that feeling. Again, and again.

But we don’t always think past that moment. Wouldn’t it be great if our wardrobes were filled with items that give you a boost of dopamine each time you take them out to wear? Things that never cease to make you feel special. Surely, that’s what we should all be aiming for.

Do you know someone who has a wardrobe full of clothes, but consistently “has nothing to wear”? Perhaps you have found yourself in that situation… I’m guilty of it myself, in the past. But I’ve learned how to correct my ways. Simply by taking the time to curate my closet! Let me explain…

What is a curated closet?

“a wardrobe that’s perfectly tailored to your unique personal style and your life” – Anuschka Rees, an extract from her book The Curated Closet

It’s about cherishing what you already own, and only filling your wardrobe with what you truly love, to get the full potential out of it. Maybe it’s time to take a good look at what you have in yours?

But, before you go crazy on purging your current wardrobe, take a moment to consider what you should ask yourself before you do. Here are some of my ideas:
1. Does it fit and suit your body/shape?
  • Yes – Do you still love it & will you wear it?
  • No – Do you still love it & will you wear it if it can be tailored?
  • 2. Do you have other things to wear with it?
  • Yes – Do you love all those pieces?
  • No – Do you love it enough to buy pieces to go with it?
  • 3. Are you waiting for the perfect occasion to wear it?
  • Yes – Will that occasion truly come & is it worth the wait?
  • No – Then why haven’t you worn it yet?
  • 4. Was it an impulse buy or a gift?
  • Yes – Can you re-gift it to someone who will love it?
  • No – Can you remember why you bought it & does that still stand?
  • As you can see above, I keep referring to asking, “Do you love it?”.

    I believe this is the most important reason to buy and keep hold of something in your life. Whether that’s clothing, accessories, home accents – or anything that can be replaced. So, it’s time to liberate yourself by shopping conscientiously! Here’s how…

    My tips for conscientious shopping:

    • Shop with a goal in mind… What’s missing from your wardrobe? Are you looking for new basics, a key piece, or a statement piece? Maybe you just fancy something new… it’s ok to treat yourself 🙂
    • What brought you to this item?… Did it stop you in your tracks? Did someone else point it out? Are you out for retail therapy and don’t want to go home empty-handed?!
    • Stop and reflect… Does this truly fit your style? Are you being persuaded by something outside of your own opinion?
    • Try it on more than once… Do you still feel confident and exuberant the second, third, or fourth time wearing it? Or has the initial wow factor worn off?
    • Think about what you already have… Do you have pretty much the exact same thing? Will it go with other items in your wardrobe?
    • Be honest with yourself… Does it actually look good on you? Does it fit well? Can it be and will you get it tailored to fit if not?
    • Finally… Never buy something if it is just ok. Falling into the trap of “it will do” is a hard one to get out of. It’s easy to bypass the everyday special moments and getting dressed is a common one to ignore.

    Getting in the habit of only buying what you love…

    I hope you are clearer on what it means to buy for you. Buying only what you love is the key! I would say that you should be accepting of the fact that yes, one day you might not love a piece as much as you do right now. The thing is, you’ll likely have a changing lifestyle and evolving personality, especially during life milestones. And, with that, comes a change (sometimes) in what you love to wear. Read my blog: How I navigated style during life milestones  

    Is it worth the money?

    I believe you should base your selection on how you feel while wearing a piece of clothing, not solely on its price. You might find yourself spending more than you expected… and if that’s the case make sure to ask yourself “do I really love it?”. If you feel like a million bucks, your confidence is high, and you smile when you look in the mirror – you’re onto a real winner. It’s also worth noting the quality of the garment, whether you will have plenty of opportunities to wear it, and if it works with the other much-loved items in your wardrobe. Get those boxes ticked and you know it’s worth the money!

    Go careful with impulse buys…

    Before you grab something off the rails, consider whether it falls into your style category?Sometimes we see something we wouldn’t perhaps usually wear, but it intrigues us, so we buy on a whim. Then, when we get home, we realize it goes with nothing we already have… because it’s not really our style. In the end, we often find we don’t love it as much as we did when it was in the store. What then? We either let it hang there, unworn, and unloved… Return it (if we can…) or give it away. I don’t know about you, but that seems like a waste of energy (and money!) to me.
    I want you to feel amazing every time you put on your clothes, pajamas, nightgown – you name it. That’s why I feel so strongly about only buying what you love…

    So much in fact, that I would rather you not buy, or return my own designs if you really don’t love them as you should! All you need to do is reach out to me if this were ever to be the case.

    Happy shopping! 🙂

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