My Jewelry Dilemma | Why I won’t raise prices to prove it’s real

Why I won’t raise prices to prove it’s real

Price does not always reflect true value. When it comes to jewelry, this is especially true. 

Did you know what a great value your necklace was when you bought it? Of course you did, you’re sharp. Most customers have no idea. That’s been a tricky problem for me – though it’s very good for you. Let me explain.

When I first started my business, most of my clients were friends. I sold my necklaces with as little markup as I could, out of courtesy. As my business began growing and I started selling online, my friends’ prices became everyone’s price. And that became an issue – because new customers weren’t sure if my cabochon stones were real! 

“Raise your prices,” everyone said. “You’ll make more, and customers won’t be confused.” 

Simple? Sure. But simply not possible. I refused to raise prices to prove my jewelry is real, and I have never wavered from my approach. Selecting each cabochon stone, bead, and unique accent by hand – and buying directly from vendors I’ve known for years – is how I can offer such reasonable prices. Add hand knotting, and you have a superlative value.

Here’s exactly how I do it.

Buying Direct: Skipping stones – and keeping the best

Color, shape and texture are the three most important elements I look for when I buy stones or beads. Years of training my eye to recognize exceptional value pays off when I get to hold each and every piece – imagining its new home on a necklace you’ll love.

Being a New York native serves me well when negotiating prices: I stand my ground, and have no problem walking away if I think the price is unfairly high. Now, when vendors I trust get a certain stone, they call me directly – and my cost reflects the business relationship we’ve cultivated over the years.

Much Ado About Knotting

Hand knotting is the essence of my approach. The process is a very traditional technique that’s much more difficult and time-consuming than stringing beads together, one after the other.
The most challenging aspect is getting the knot snug up against the bead, but it’s worth the focus – the beads will drape much better. It’s a subtle commitment to quality and elegance that shines through, every time you wear it.


   About me  

I founded Heidi Carey in 2016 with a simple goal: To create beautiful, timeless accessories for my friends and their friends. I understood who they were at their core, and what types of things we all were looking for as we all moved along in our lives. It’s why my pieces are conceived for the woman who values both elegance and understatement; versatility and superb value.