My Rules For Aging Gracefully

I have a confession to make. I love getting older. I think of it as getting better – not older.

I’ve realized that aging – getting better – with style and grace is not simple by any means. But it can be done well, and it can be fun. Even exciting! I’ve certainly acquired some wisdom along the way. I’ve tried a lot of things that don’t work. I’ve kept the things that do, and I’ll share my guidelines below.

Radiant beauty is the fusion of inner and outer beauty. Beauty is confidence. Beauty is being at ease with who you are. Beauty is accomplishment. Beauty is energetic. Beauty is joy! Beauty is patience, compassion, and dedication.

I’ll be the first to admit it’s a real balancing act and takes focused effort. Maybe you can relate. Your body has changed. Your taste has changed. Fashion suddenly seems like it’s focused on younger women. While we were living our lives developing fierce inner strength and patience as mothers, career women, and even caretakers for aging parents – our bodies have changed in ways that seem out of sync with the lens through which the outside world views our beauty. We still want to turn heads – but for the right reasons.

The key is getting the outside to match the bold, strong woman you’ve become. Then you can truly radiate that true inner beauty one can only earn – never buy.

So, here are the things that work: My 10 principles for feeling and looking our best as we get better with age. I live by these.

#1: Have your clothes tailored to fit
This is a game-changer, Do it and never look back.
#2: Wear more tonal colors
Tonal dressing: Wearing different pieces together that fall within the same color family.
#3: Understated is better than overstated
Don’t eclipse your radiance – compliment it.
#4: Sleep 8 hours a night
This will make you truly beautiful.
#5: Have a strong friend group
Invest time in seeing them often.
#6: Eat well
Cook at home. Always take time to truly savor what you eat.
#7: Cultivate a creative passion
It’s never too late. Nourish your spirit with something that makes you come alive.
#8: Exercise every day
Make it a habit no matter what, even if it’s a brisk walk around your neighborhood.
#9: Spend time outside every day
20 minutes of sun on our skin is the best beauty secret ever.
#10: Perfection is for the heavens, not for us
Never take yourself too seriously!

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