Why I LOVE Timeless Style

I feel so lucky to have grown up surrounded by women (my mother and grandmother) who confidently embodied timeless style. They had a keen sense of the modern classic look, encompassing a mix of British and American styles.

These, alongside my best friend’s mom, Missy Bancroft, were my first style influences. Missy was Bill Blass’s muse. She was exceptionally beautiful and elegant in a very old-world way. Bill Blass is considered one of the great designers of my time and his approach to fashion was always inspirational.

Growing up in New York through the ‘60s to ‘80s, there were quite a few people like Blass and Halston who impacted my love for timeless style. And, ultimately working for both Ralph Lauren and Vera Wang made a big impression too.

Aside from these well-known designers, my travels to Europe in the 1970s and Asia in the ‘90s opened my eyes to a global appreciation for timeless style. Early Gucci is still one of my favorites to this day, and I couldn’t live without classic Gucci loafers.

How my love for timeless style is encompassed in my brand

Simply put, it’s the model of everything I create. The most important thing when designing any piece is that it’s something I would love to wear. I design for me. Once you start making things for other people, it’s easy to lose what makes you unique.

All my designs blossom from my lived experiences, my influences, and what I believe will make any woman feel incredible. If I feel that way, there’s no reason for others not to…

I’ve got a blog post all about timeless, modern, classic style. It covers those all-important guidelines to follow to ensure your wardrobe mirrors the look just so. Plus, a few style influences you can take notes from. It’s there to inspire you to make a classic style your own. Take a look: What is my take on modern classic style?

Timeless style pieces I couldn’t live without

A crisp white shirt, alongside tailored trousers or jeans, complemented by a statement necklace, is my tried-and-true outfit. It represents timeless style, to me, perfectly. Effortless, sophisticated and classic. I often like to add a statement necklace, to really finish off the look. It’s about being bold, but not extravagant!

As you’ve probably already guessed, when it comes to shoes, loafers are a must. They go with any daytime outfit and are both classy and comfortable. Of course, I don’t live in loafers 24/7 – I will wear appropriate footwear say if I am dressing up for an evening or attending an event.

Pearl earrings are also my go-to. These beautiful accessories will never date, they work with my hair, skin tone and bring elegance to every outfit. I love both studs and drops, plain and baroque, and own a pair of each in grey.

PS. If you’d like to take a look at the earrings we have in our collection, click here. You’ll find options for both pearl and semi-precious gemstone earrings like those shown below. We’ve also dropped in a couple of our most-popular statement necklaces – so you can add that little bit extra to your outfit.

How I shop timeless style...

When I’m visiting Hong Kong, London, and New York, I’ll always be searching for something that catches my eye. These are the moments that my shopping game goes to the next level.

Berlin has an amazing equestrian store, Gambrinus Reitsport. When we are visiting, I have to make a stop and see what incredible things are on offer.

That’s the thing with me, whenever I see something irresistible that I cannot get at home, or on the internet, it simply has to be mine! I’ll admit, I don’t buy all that much, but I’ll always be looking for a new perfect piece to fill my wardrobe.

10 reasons I LOVE timeless style

1. It’s tested and true – timeless style will never go out of fashion.
2. There is an abundance of fabulous role models to be inspired by.
3. It’s a fairly easy style to follow, and it’s wardrobe-friendly because you don’t need to update outfits every season/year.
4. It’s way more economical and efficient than keeping up with trends. Being eco-conscious is a big deal to me. Fashion has such a negative impact on our planet, and throw-away fashion trends play a big part.
5. It’s cohesive in that most pieces can be mixed and matched without much effort. Pearls really do go with just about everything, as does a beautiful white shirt and blue jeans.
6. The fit is always flattering on everybody, the trick here is to choose well-tailored, but not too tight.
7. I love the neutral tones and did so even before I went gray! Most people wouldn’t think of matching navy with chocolate, but it works, you just need to be confident and try it out. My mother-in-law (who had fantastic style) was always amazed at how bold I could be when combining neutrals with an accent color. For example, pink piping on a brown blazer.
8. The understated essence of timeless style is very ‘me’. I’m not one to be the center of attention, but I do still get compliments, which is of course gratifying.
9. It gives me confidence. I never second-guess my outfit choices.
10. My modern take on classic style gives me a sense of energy. Style energy perhaps? I feel like I am totally myself, and that what I look like on the outside mirrors how I feel on the inside. It’s truly elevating!

Do you love timeless style? I’d love to know what draws you to it, and what your key style pieces would be!

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I founded Heidi Carey in 2016 with a simple goal: To create beautiful, timeless accessories for my friends and their friends. I understood who they were at their core, and what types of things we all were looking for as we all moved along in our lives. It’s why my pieces are conceived for the woman who values both elegance and understatement; versatility and superb value.